Knights Logo – Can You See It?

May 16, 2021 | Our Company | 0 comments

At Knights Spraying Inc. (KSI), our logo is our culture and a reminder of our value system. In the following blog series, we will go over our logo and value system so you can better understand what KSI stands for and why we are the vegetation management company you can rely on.

A Contest

That’s right—it all started with a contest. Our open contest on Freelancer generated 434 submissions by 70 different freelancers who nailed what our company statement is and what we are about.

As far as the logo went, we wanted an intuitive icon design that could be used easily on social media. We knew we wanted it to be recognizable amongst the competition.

So, why was our current logo picked?


The helmet features leaves that grow from a steam into two eye openings. Most people miss this, but once you see it, there is no turning back! This leaf is a broadleaf, the most common type of weed dealt with by KSI. Broadleaves are also among the most noxious and prohibited weeds (Dicots).


The second set of leaves is more obscure and easy to overlook. To demonstrate the types of plants we control with herbicide, we added blades of grass.


A shield incorporated knights and the outline of the Tupper family crest. Although shields are not specific to our family, they tie our crest to our logo, which was crucial because KSI is a family-oriented company.

The Sword

On the one hand, the sword is part of our marketing strategy: “a sharp focus on customer service and a focused direction.” Additionally, the sword represents traditional Knighthood, and when inverted, it becomes a cross, as the Templar Knights were very religious.

7 Letters

KSI has branded 7 into all of our material. My wife, children, and I all have seven letters in our last names. Our telephone numbers and fax numbers all have seven letters. Knights itself is seven letters long and the number even represents perfection, completion, and divinity.

If you haven’t heard of us, Knights Spraying Inc. (KSI) is locally and Canadian owned and operates out of Vermillion, AB. We shield our customers from the risks associated with vegetation growing along the green spaces of infrastructure. If you would like to have a team of Knights protecting your property, contact us today, and make sure to keep your eyes out for the next instalment of our Knights Series where we will discuss our value system.

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