How is weed control helpful?

⫸ Improve line of sight at intersections

⫸ Prevent the spread of noxious and prohibited weeds onto adjacent properties

⫸ Decrease the chances of wildfire damage to your property

⫸ Improve public green spaces to increase aesthetics and safety concerns

⫸ Prevent slip, trip and falls at worksites

⫸ Increase biodiversity along ROW

How Knights are the best at it?

⫸ KSI uses digital work tickets

⫸ We can provide priced tickets back to our customers with in 24hrs.

⫸ QAQC by using digital photographs of our equipment completing work at your location

⫸ Using digital communication channel Knights is able to quickly and effectively communicate with staff to get important and sensitive content to the front line.

⫸ Cyber Risk Insurance – To ensure that is operations go down from and external threat Knights will be right back up and running.

⫸ Scalable fleet and digital onboarding allows your project to change and Knights ability to follow.

⫸ Want to learn more? Download our Free Guide on How you can help Stop the spread of Noxious Weeds throughout Western Canada.