Invasive species are a serious problem that can cause harm to our local environment and industrial sectors. They are non-native species that have been introduced to a new environment and can outcompete and displace native plans. This can result in threats to agriculture, forestry, and wildlife management. Here at Knights Spraying Inc, our vegetation management services can help reduce the ability of invasive species to cause ecosystem imbalances, loss of biodiversity, and economic losses.

Common tansy; one of many invasive plants that can be found in northern Alberta

The damage of invasive plants can be mitigated through a variety of vegetation management techniques, like herbicide application and non-chemical management, with spraying as the most common technique. Herbicide application is an effective method of controlling invasive species because it targets the invasive species while leaving the native species unharmed. Spraying is also efficient and cost-effective, making it an attractive option for large-scale invasive species management.

Knights Spraying Inc. understands the importance of controlling invasive plant species and has the expertise and technology to do so. With the use of large equipment such as trucks and UTV sprayers, as well as backpacking, handpicking, and mechanical control methods, we are able to efficiently and safely manage invasive plant populations that are destructive to the ecosystem.

Weeds can grow anywhere. Even if your site doesn’t presently have growth does not mean that it won’t in the future. By spraying we can build up a protective barrier beneath the soil that prevents the seedbank from germinating and thus preventing the weeds from growing. For your especially overgrown sites we will use a combination of control methods that will clear the grounds to allow the spray mixture to penetrate the soil.

Knights Spraying Inc is dedicated to sustainable and responsible invasive plant management that prioritizes safety and responsibility of workers and the communities we serve. With our technology, expertise, and commitment to sustainability, we are the ideal partner for vegetation management.

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