Residential/Commercial Yard

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Effective 2019 Knights is unable to provide Residential Broadleaf spraying. All units have recently been upgraded to aggressive tires. This would cause to much damage to the nice acreage lawns you all have!

If your interested in renting a spraying unit - you provide the side by side. Feel free to give us a call. 

By controlling weeds on your properties you are helping our rural agricultural neighbours win the war on weeds.   Our crop managers spend millions on weed control to secure our feed supplies. Do your part by considering the following steps:

1. Wash your vehicles and equipment on a regular basis.  Seeds stay viable for years and they get into the dirt and mud that ends up on your car.  Those seeds fall off your equipment and vehicles!

2. Report any noxious or prohibited weeds to your local agricultural fieldman.  Trust me they want to know this!

3. Consider getting a quote from a profession vegetation manager on what the best plan is for your situation.  There are various options and one of them might be right for you. 

You can schedule and pay for your yard spraying today!  Once paid you will be contacted in 24-48hrs with an estimated time to do your weed spraying.