Weed Spraying in Vermilion

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“Knights Spraying provided us with daily reports so we could track costs and ensure operational efficiencies”


To shield customers from risks associated with vegetation growing along infrastructure by providing risk assessments, integrated vegetation management programs and detailed reporting


We have several tools to help eliminate hazards on your property. Our large fleet of F-550 trucks equipped with spray equipment will ensure your job gets done efficiently. Combined with our UTV sprayers and backpack sprayers no job is too small or to big to complete.

Daily expense tracking is important to you.  We ensure that you receive daily expenses reports so you can keep track of costs overruns.  At the end of the season you will receive a bound copy outlining the details of the vegetation program and a digital version to ensure quick look up of critical information. 

Tips to reduce risk:

1. Hire a licensed applicator working at a company with a Pesticide Service License.

2. Conduct a initial risk assessment to determine actions required.

3. Use the right vegetation control tool to eliminate risk.

4. Get a detailed analysis report to ensure risk was eliminated.


Risk Assessments

Knights Spraying Inc.(KS) shields customers from the risks associated with vegetation growing along the green spaces of infrastructure.  Key risk assessments to customers outlining opportunities to control vegetation through various options and decreasing risk exposure.  Balancing risk with tight financial requirements requires quick reporting and expense tracking – KS has detailed reporting and analysis to ensure you money is spent decreasing risk.